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Shop for Local Electricity Rates and Find a New Plan for You is a great resource for you to get learn about energy supply plans you need at competitive prices. You can shop for local energy for your home, all in one place.

Electricity is an essential commodity and shopping for it shouldn’t be a hassle. Our easy-to-use website lets you search for top retail suppliers available in your ZIP code, compare electricity rates and plans and select a product that fits your needs. You might even find a plan that helps you save on electricity.

You have the power to choose local electricity!

In 2002, Senate Bill 7 changed Texas’ energy service landscape by separating the supply and delivery of electricity in areas around the state. Deregulation has created a market for retail electric providers (REPs) to compete for your business.

Want to save on energy? Who doesn’t! The best way to know if you can save with a new local electricity plan is to take advantage of your power to choose and compare electricity rates. Just like shopping for a car, clothing or a new TV, finding a great deal takes a little bit of time to search and compare.

Shop for competitive local electricity rates

After years of rollout, in 2011 the last electricity rate caps expired in Pennsylvania, marking the full deregulation of energy within the state. Pennsylvania electricity and natural gas customers can receive their supply from an energy company or an alternative supplier.

In Pennsylvania, electric companies are responsible for the delivery of your power and the maintenance of power lines and poles in the area. So no matter what retail supplier you choose, the electric companies will still make sure power reaches your home. This means you can shop for the best available plan and not worry about changes in your energy service.

Customers can choose from retail electricity companies

For more than a decade, businesses and residents in Ohio have enjoyed energy choices in a competitive market. Because of deregulation, Ohio customers can compare electricity rates based on price, contract length, customer service quality and many other factors, and find a natural gas or electricity plan that is an ideal match.

No matter your electricity needs, you’d probably like to spend less on your rates each month. Taking time to compare energy prices might lead you to a supply rate that helps you save over the short and long term. So get started today and compare local electricity companies to see if you can save!

You have the power to choose electric companies

Thanks to deregulation laws passed more than 10 years ago, New Yorkers can choose a plan from many different energy services companies (ESCOs). These ESCOs compete with one another for business, so customers have a variety of plan types to choose from.

As you shop for energy rates in New York, you have the option of continuing to receive your energy supply from local utilities or find a plan offered by one of the ESCOs in your area. No matter which of the available local electricity companies you choose to supply your energy, local utilities will still deliver your power and maintain the energy infrastructure. There’s no risk to shopping around and you might be able to find a lower rate!

Take advantage of local electricity choice

In 1997, Illinois legislation restructured the energy service industry and gave residents and businesses a choice of local electricity companies. Today, about 75 percent of Illinois commercial customers take advantage of their energy choices and receive their electricity supply from a retail electric supplier (RES).

No matter who supplies your energy, you will maintain your relationship with local utilities. In Illinois, utilities remain responsible for the delivery of power and maintenance of the energy infrastructure.

Whether you’re shopping for the first time or are looking for a new RES, taking time to compare local electricity companies can improve your chances of finding a competitive rate. You might even be able to save money over the long term.

Shopping for local electricity is easy

Because of energy deregulation in your area, there are many competitive suppliers offering alternative electricity rates. With all these options, finding a plan that fits your requirements can feel overwhelming. At, sorting through suppliers, rates and plans is fast and easy. Examining your available options will help you get the plan that’s right for you.