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Exploring the History of Reliant Energy

Based in Houston, Texas, Reliant Energy is part of NRG, a larger company that provides energy solutions throughout different parts of the United States. Acquired in 2009, Reliant Energy is the largest commercial and industrial retail electricity provider in the state of Texas and provides more than 48 million MWh of electricity every year to its customers throughout the United States.

In Texas, Reliant Energy has a played a role in history. Its predecessor, The Light Company, offered Houston residents and business owners an all-night light – for $3 a month. Later, the company helped power NASA, making the first spacewalk a reality.

Why use

If you are interested in using to its fullest, you will find that it gives you the opportunity to find similarities and differences between many electricity providers in the state of Texas. It is a good place to read up on many providers without switching from site to site for intensive research.

Use this site as a resource to learn more about the deregulated electricity markets that serve many areas of Texas, along with brushing up on facts about potential providers.

What areas does Reliant Energy serve?

In Texas, Reliant Energy is a retail electricity company that serves many different cities and neighborhoods. Whether you need supply for a home or a business, you can choose a rate from Reliant Energy that best suits your budget, environmental friendliness and need for flexibility.

Find your city in the table below to learn even more about Reliant Energy:

How to reach Reliant Energy

If you find that you would like to learn even more about Reliant Energy in Texas, or you want to contact the company about a specific issue, you have options. Listed on its website, you can find several ways to contact company representatives via email, phone or chat or mail.

Source: Updated 7-14-15.