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Find Out About Stream Energy

Stream has been a NJ electric and natural gas supplier since 2005. What makes this supplier different from most is its sales approach. Rather than relying on traditional marketing and sales techniques, Stream energy rates on supply are marketed by word of mouth and are available for purchase from independent sales associates. According to its website, Stream is the largest direct-selling electric and natural gas supplier in the world.

Along with its energy services, Stream offers protective services and mobile plans. Any Stream energy customer can become an independent sales associate and begin selling all of its services, including Stream energy rates on supply. As an incentive to start a Stream energy business, independent associates can earn free energy, as well as other Stream services, along with the revenue from their sales.

Stream is involved in the community

Noted on its website, Stream doesn’t just offer energy plans and other products. As a way to contribute to the communities it serves, this NJ electric and natural gas supplier created Stream Cares. This program allows Stream to contribute to the betterment of the communities it operates in by donating to a variety of causes. Stream has partnered with several organizations that help low-income energy consumers keep their heat and lights on during rough financial patches.

How New Jersey energy deregulation changed the market

Prior to the late 1990s, New Jersey had a regulated energy market. In this type of market, consumers are given only one option when it comes to their energy supply – the utility. The utility typically offers only regulated supply rates that follow the market value of the commodity and can change a couple of times a year. After the Energy Master Plan became law in the late 1990s, consumers may choose where they purchase their NJ electric and natural gas supply.

New Jersey electric suppliers and alternative natural gas companies are now in business, creating various plans, each with their own incentive. For example, some New Jersey electric suppliers and alternative natural gas companies offer stable-rate plans that offer price protection by allowing consumers to pay a set amount per energy unit for the duration of their agreement. Other plans may offer renewable energy credits, which may be appealing to the eco-conscious consumer.

Let help

Living in a deregulated energy market opens up your choices. You get to choose the best NJ electric and natural gas supplier for your household or company’s needs. However, with so many options, it can become overwhelming shopping for new energy supply. That’s why we’re here to help. details some of the suppliers that offer service in your area. Read our site to get a better idea of some of what’s available in your area. Know that you’ve got the best energy supply plan for your needs.

Source: Updated: 6-28-15.