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Discover Jersey Central Power and Light

Jersey Central Power and Light, often referred to as JCP&L, is one of the New Jersey utilities for electricity. Energy consumers who live in the JCP&L service area get their electricity delivered by this utility. Consumers may purchase supply from JCP&L but because the New Jersey energy market is now deregulated, they can also shop around for different electricity rates on supply. Deregulation opened up the energy market by separating the supply arm of the business from generation and delivery so consumers would have more options when it comes to electricity rates. More options mean there is more of a chance for consumers to find an electricity plan that they'd prefer.

JCP&L is the FirstEnergy NJ utility

JCP&L is part of the large utility group FirstEnergy. NJ customers receive service from one of the largest investor-owned electricity distribution systems in the United States. Formed in 1997, FirstEnergy was founded after the merger of two utility companies – Centerior Energy Corporation and Ohio Edison Company. Since then, this energy corporation has completed mergers with a few other energy companies – including GPU Inc., the company that originally owned JCP&L. Today, FirstEnergy serves approximately 6 million customers in six states.

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What are competitive electricity rates?

Because consumers have the option of choosing to purchase their supply from a third-party electricity supplier that offers competitive electricity rates, it is in their best interest to shop around. Alternative rates come in an assortment of forms, each with different incentives for the consumer. Before shopping, consumers should assess what kind of rate would best fit their home or business' energy needs.

  • Stable-rate plans offer price protection. These plans set consumers up with a secure rate per kWh for the duration of their plan. Plans such as these can secure rates for up to three years, creating price protection from rising energy costs and fluctuating regulated rates.
  • Variable-rate plans are available as an alternative fluctuating rate. While these rates follow the market value of the product they may vary differently than that of the utility.

Uncovering your options with

If you're a customer of JCP&L, you have the option of exploring competitive electricity rates. No need to worry about your delivery service – you will still remain a customer of JCP&L. The only difference will be your supply plan. Switching is as simple as making a phone call! Start your research by browsing We've written about some of the suppliers in your area. If you'd like to discuss rates, give us a buzz and one of our energy specialists can discuss some of what's available. Use your ability to choose a rate that fits your needs and find a plan that's good for you.

Source: Updated: 7-14-15.