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Take Advantage of New Jersey Energy Choice

New Jersey electric rates and natural gas rates for energy supply used to be regulated. When this was the case, consumers did not have the power to switch natural gas or electricity companies. They were limited to purchasing their energy supply from the utility at rates regulated by the government. This all changed in the late 1990s when deregulation gave New Jersey energy choice. New Jersey consumers can now choose from a variety of competitive electricity rates and natural gas rates for supply offered by alternative energy companies. This is possible because deregulation separated the supply portion of the energy business from distribution and generation in an effort to create a competitive energy supply market where consumers have a variety of options.

The power to switch New Jersey electric rates

Switching electricity companies is a matter of preference. New Jersey energy choice allows consumers to either stay with their utility for supply or choose among competitive electricity rates offered by third-party suppliers. When switching New Jersey electric rates, it’s important for consumers to understand that they will still be receiving energy delivery from their utility at a regulated price. Only the supply portion of the market is open to competition so New Jersey energy choice is for the supply part of your bill only. But this makes switching as easy as making a phone call! There’s no service set-up because the infrastructure and energy delivery remain the responsibility of the local utility. The same goes for when you want to switch to a third-party gas supplier too.

The power to switch supply companies can be beneficial. For instance, consumers who would prefer price protection can shop around alternative natural gas or electricity companies that may be able to provide them with a competitive electricity rate or natural gas rate that offers this kind of security. Price protection typically comes in the form of stable-rate supply plans that allow consumers to pay the same amount per energy unit for the duration of their agreement. Other alternatives include variable-rate supply plans that follow the market price of the energy. There’s something out there for everyone!

Doing your research to find a New Jersey electric rate or natural gas rate

Since energy supply plans aren’t one-size-fits-all, it’s important for households or businesses to do their research to understand what competitive natural gas and electricity companies are available in their area and more importantly, what they are looking for in an energy plan. The best way to start is to peruse We can’t tell you what you’re looking for – that’s for you to determine – but we can tell you about some of the options in your area. When you’re done looking around the site, give us a ring. Our staff of energy specialists will be happy to discuss some of the competitive electricity rates and natural gas rates available to you. Use your power to switch, New Jersey, and be sure that you’re getting a supply plan that’s right for you!