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Understand Indiana Natural Gas Prices

Before energy deregulation in Indiana, consumers were restricted to purchasing supply from the utility at regulated natural gas prices. These government-controlled rates are based upon the market value of the energy and can change frequently so they are not always the best option for a home or business. Nowadays, Indiana natural gas prices for your supply span from regulated rates to competitive energy rates because energy deregulation in Indiana opened the supply market to competition. This approach to natural gas prices has given consumers more options.

Energy deregulation in Indiana is in the NIPSCO gas service area

Not all of Indiana has deregulated natural gas – it’s only the NIPSCO service area. While this may not seem like a large portion of the market, NIPSCO gas is delivered to more than 820,000 customers in Indiana, making it Indiana’s largest natural gas provider. Consumers who live in the northern region of Indiana are in the NIPSCO service area and can enjoy competitive energy rates if they would prefer alternative natural gas prices.

What are competitive energy rates?

As a result of deregulation, alternative suppliers offer competitive energy rates. These Indiana natural gas prices are available in an array of forms. For example, some suppliers offer stable-rate supply plans that allow customers to secure a supply rate for an allotted amount of time. Indiana’s open energy market gives consumers the ability to decide which of these options is best for their home or business.

NIPSCO gas delivery rates will be charged to homes and businesses regardless of where their supply is purchased. This is because Indiana natural gas suppliers only sell supply; they do not deliver it. NIPSCO continues to handle the delivery portion of the business, as well as the maintenance of the infrastructure. This guarantees that no matter where a customer is purchasing Indiana natural gas supply, he or she can still depend on the delivery and infrastructure maintenance of NIPSCO gas. On top of that, NIPSCO handles supplier approval, requiring all competitive suppliers to meet its standards.

Shopping for alternative Indiana natural gas prices

Indiana natural gas consumers who live in the NIPSCO service area have the opportunity to shop around and find alternative natural gas prices if they wish. The best way to start this process is to do your research and find out what companies offer these competitive energy rates in your area. Browse to find out about some of the options for Indiana natural gas supply. Then, when you are ready to talk about plans, give us a call. Our energy specialists will be happy to chat about some plans available in the NIPSCO service area.


Updated: 7-07-2015