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Regulated Energy Rates with Peoples Gas in Chicago

Are you a resident or business owner in Chicago, Illinois, looking for a new energy supply plan? If you live in the service area of Peoples Gas of Chicago, consider doing some research to see what type of supply rates the utility and competitive companies offer in your neighborhood.

Founded in 1850 in Chicago, Illinois, Peoples Gas began as the city’s first utility and has since become one of its largest independent natural gas suppliers, servicing more than 830,000 homes and businesses throughout the greater Chicago area. As the city’s oldest energy company, it has played an important role in Chicago’s growth over the years into the metropolitan area it is today, even helping to rebuild the city after the Great Chicago Fire in 1871.

This is just one company that might be offering natural gas rates in your part of town. Discover other options by browsing the pages on, where you’ll find information about a number of energy suppliers serving throughout Illinois.

Are there perks to being a customer of Peoples Gas in Chicago?

For prospective customers of Peoples Gas in Chicago or another supplier that offers alternative natural gas rates in the area, the company offers several benefits that you should consider prior to signing any contract.

For instance, in an effort to reduce the negative effect on the environment caused by paper billing, Peoples Gas utilizes various payment methods to help customers take the stress out of monthly bill paying. These include: e-Bill Paperless Billing & Payment, which allows you to view the breakdown of your bill and pay what you owe from your checking account in a simple online process; Quick Payment, a one-time payment with your credit or debit card; and Automatic Payment, the billing system suited for customers not on e-Bill who would like to schedule monthly payments on the day of their choosing.

Additionally, Peoples Gas employs a knowledgeable support team that can help walk customers through the process of switching service suppliers and address any questions they might have over reading their business’ or home’s smart meter, or adjusting their daily and monthly consumption habits to better manage their bill.

Peoples Gas supports Chicago consumers

Peoples Gas provides a number of financial assistance programs to customers in need of support for their monthly energy bills. One such program is the Weatherproofing Assistance Program, which utilizes energy-saving services to help eligible customers monitor their consumption habits and reduce the amount they owe each month. The company also implements the Medical Certificate Program, allowing customers facing severe illness to defer their payments for a temporary period of time.

If you are interested in learning more about Peoples Gas in your area or want to see what else is available for Chicago gas supply, take a look around or call in to talk to a support representative about switching your service today.

Source: Updated: 2-20-15.